” Prayer of St Francis “

In Mga himig nang aking pusong naaantig on Hulyo 30, 2010 at 3:00 hapon

make me an…
of your peace..!
where there is hatred..,
let me sow love..;
where there is injury..,
where there is doubt..,
where there is despair..,
where there is darkness..,
and where there is sadness..,
O Divine Master..!
grant that i may…
not so much seek…
to be consoled…
as to console..;
to be understood…
as to understand..;
to be loved…
as to love..!
for it is in giving…
that we receive..;
it is in pardoning…
that we are pardoned..;
and it is in dying…
that we are born
to eternal life..!

Reprise: This song, which is actually a Prayer ( The Prayer of St Francis of Assisi ), was sung by Sarah Mclachlan! This is my favorite song version of the prayer! Back when I was still A Teacher, I would normally start my class with this Prayer. My students recite the prayer in an alternating manner. The whole class recites the first line: Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Then the girls continue on with: Where there is hared. The boys will answer back with: Let me sow love! This continues on until the line: Where there is sadness: joy! The whole class once again recite in unison: O Divine Master grant that I may not so much seek! Then again the girls continue with: To be consoled. Then the boys answer back with: as to console. This continues until: To be loved: as to love. Then the whole class again recites: For it is in giving that we receive, up until the last line. Then everyone ends the prayer with: Amen! I have a strong connection with this prayer as it is a prayer about humbling one’s self before GOD! It is also a prayer about not losing hope and wanting all negative to turn into something great and positive! It is also a prayer about acknowledging the undeniable fact that: It is only through GOD that we can really be born to eternal life! This would be my weekend song for everyone, specially to: all my Former Students! I also wish to offer this song to Pong of Mizpah. I pray that your Mom gets well! If you want to hear the song just click on the title: PRAYER OF ST FRANCIS !

Daniel P. Yuson Jr.

Page 14

  1. i remember tihs prayer first hs ako then that time bago ako sa roosevelt sobra nkakatakot c sir yuson ahhaha naalala ko that tyme nagalit sya sa klase namin lahat ng folders namin n red nsa trash can hahahah but i learn alot from sir yuson one the best teacher i have in my life haha

    • @ Jayson..!
      naaalala mo parin pala ito..!
      red folder..?
      apen na section mo..?
      kasi violet ang sampaguita eh..!
      then green ang bougainvillea..!
      i forgot the other section..!
      hahahahahahahahaha..! 😆

  2. always remember sir yuson my freshman year coz of this prayer naalalaa ko yun time sobra takot kme sa kanya pero one of the best teacher i have in my life i learn alot

  3. di po… dito lang po ako sa pilipinas sir.. syempre, ‘di na po nagkikita kya nakakamiss.. dun pa rin po ba kayo sa callcenter?

  4. sana may teatro ulit..:P

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