In Mga larawan ng aking pusong nagpipilit sumaya on Enero 9, 2014 at 11:54 hapon

THE BODY - SinagDay 9: ” SINAG “.

For the first time after what seems like eternity, I was able to sleep really early yesterday evening and wake up really early this morning. Ang sarap pala gumising at maligo sa umaga. Very refreshing ang pakiramdam. Maaga din akong pumunta sa Doctor for another laboratory test. I took this picture after my visit to the clinic. I was on my way to Partner’s Pares in 20th Avenue Cubao, enjoying every cautious stride along the sidewalk, when suddenly tinamaan ng sinag ng araw ang mata ko! I took several steps back and took this shot. This is what I miss most about the early mornings! I love the sunlight specially as it beams through the leaves of trees! Very magical ang dating para sa akin. I also love everything associated with early mornings like seeing kids being sent to school by their parents, people watering plants, parked taxis, and streets free from traffic. I love this morning and all other mornings that God will give me the privilege to witness.

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