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THE BODY - NurseDay 15: ” NURSE “.

I started the day really early today! I was at the clinic at 7:30 AM and was seen by Dr. Embry by 8:00 AM. What a great way to start the day! Oh well, things actually didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be but everything seems to be getting a bit better. I shall start actual medication today and would see the Doctor again after a week to see if I am reacting well with the medicine that she prescribed. Then hopefully, I could return to work – soon! Anyway, my visit to the clinic was made more pleasant by the Nurses at the Nurse’s Station. They sure are Heroes in their own right. There is this one Nurse in particular who was so helpful to me. She was so aaccommodatingthat I wanted her to be my new bestfriend. I remember before I started my series of laboratory test, siya talaga yung nag prepare ng mga kailangan ko. While everybody else hurried up to have lunch, nagpaiwan talaga siya until everything was ready for me. She gave me instructions and assisted me all the way! Nakaka touch. Isang Thank You lang ang naiganti ko sa kanya. I know that its not enough and she deserves more! Pero, nahihiya naman akong bigyan siya ng regalo. I could feel kasi that hindi naman yun ang habol niya. Actually, I know a lot of Nurses. I have friends who are Nurses, former students who are Nurses, and office mates who are Nurses by profession. They, just like Teachers, are Modern Day Heroes! How would this world be without them?

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