Prisoner of Azkaban

In Mga larawan ng aking pusong nagpipilit sumaya on Mayo 1, 2014 at 3:34 hapon


I feel blessed, loved, and appreciated! My heart is filled with joy, positivity, and hope from all the kind words and gestures that I got from well meaning friends from the office after I told them about the big decision. Honestly, one great thing that came out from all the years that I spent working from one place to another is that I made real friends who are more like a family to me already! I may not have the most number of friends but the few that I managed to keep are the friends worth keeping! I still Am friends with a number of Teachers who I used fo work with. We still talk a lot. Via Facebook. We also keep in touch via text. I have remained good friends with some co workers who I have worked with from all the Call Centers that I’ve been with before. We still see each other sometimes. Eat out, share stories, tell jokes, talk about life, and reminisce about the good old times! I received some very cute gifts from my BFF Maddy from South Africa today. I had lunch with my friend Rochelle in Lola Nena’s in Marikina this afternoon and I am going to be meeting up with Former Co Teachers and Friends this Friday! I have to start reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before I get very busy meeting friends! Love this life!

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