Asking for help

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Day 146

Yesterday, my mind was filled with unnecessary worries because I still didn’t know how to get to the office quicker. I’ve been asking around for directions and each time I was given a different answer. I even checked out some Map Applications but it wasn’t much of a help either. So, I decided to leave very early and take the longer route going to my first day of work. It’s better safe than sorry!

Travel time from where I live going to EDSA takes roughly an hour. From there i’ll take the company shuttle going to Tiendesitas where I am assigned. The waiting and travel time takes another hour. So, that means if I would continue taking the longer route everyday, I must prepare for work at least 5 hours ahead and leave home at least 3 hours before my schedule! Insane!

Anyway, I got to the office early and decided that once the opportunity comes I would really have to ask for help. I can’t continue on taking the longer route going to work every single day. Aside from having to prepare early, and stripping myself some precious time for rest, I also need to manage my resources well.

I guess, I was not meant to worry any longer because later on during our Meet and Greet, I met someone who also resides around the area where I live! When the opportunity presented itself, I mentioned my dilemma and asked for help. She graciously offered to show me the shorter route going to and from the office. I was so grateful! It was such a relief! I can set aside my problem now. So, yesterday I actually realized that asking for help, specially when you really needed it, wasn’t such a bad idea after all! Or is it?

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