In Mga larawan ng aking pusong nagpipilit sumaya on Hulyo 25, 2015 at 1:00 umaga


Day 206

The week ended very well! Naging napaka saya ko! I appreciate all the hard work and cooperation that my team mates extended to Team Nexus! Although very evident ang differences nang bawat isa sa amin sa grupo, we still managed to rise up to the occasion and made our presence felt! As a result, kami ang overall winner sa iba’t ibang activities this week! We competed against three other teams! Unfortunately, Team Nexus got disbanded and a new set of groups were formed. So, I’ll be working with different people by next week. Panibagong strategy nanaman ang kailangan! Ayoko isipin ang BV na nararamdaman ko! Sunshine and Rainbow lang dapat! Buti na lang ang last topic namin kanina was all about Optimism! Choosing to be happy! Looking at the brighter side of things! I am 100% sure that everything will be okay! Para ko din lang sinabi na these three boys will be Great Leaders of this Great Nation in the future!

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