Denial and Forgiveness

In Mga sigaw nang aking pusong makabayan on Nobyembre 24, 2016 at 12:00 umaga


After having been accused by suspected Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa of allegedly receiving cash, through Ronnie Dayan, amounting to P8 Million as campaign funds for her Senatorial bid, Aling Leila De Lima, during the Senate Hearing today, had this to say:

“Thank you Mr. Chair, I actually have no intention to confront this resource person. I have no intentions to ask questions from him even if I want to because I think it will be a cross examiner’s dream.

But, I feel that it would be pointless, useless, futile for me to do so. Given a very nice script, at least specially at least in so far as a portion of his testimony about me are concerned.

But let me say to my colleague here and everyone in this hall and to everyone listening and watching this proceedings, I say this to you: I categorically, firmly, and absolutely deny having known Mr. Kerwin Espinosa.

I do not remember any instance or occasion of having met him. I categorically, firmly, and absolutely deny having received any money or cash from Mr. Kerwin Espinosa, either directly or indirectly through anyone else in any occasion and anytime. Whether that partic, that money is supposedly for either protection or fund raising for campaign expenses.

Alam po iyan ni Mr. Kerwin Espinosa na sa puntong iyon ng kanyang testimonya about me, having received money, having talked to him, having met him anywhere, whether it’s in Burnham, anywhere, are total fabrication!

To me, that portion of his testimony is under gun point. Under duress. So, it’s pointless for me to conduct or to ah to question him on those points. And I also feel that it would be, it would not be appropriate for me to do so. Because there will be questions on my objectivity, on my interest because I am being implicated expressly as having received that money.

Kaya hindi po ako magtatanong sa kanya. I would want to give my colleagues free hand, free liberty in questioning Mr Erwin Espinosa about any part of his testimony.

Final message ko po para kay Mr Kerwin Espinosa, I can not talk to him directly, but let me say this: May God forgive you for all your sins, and may God forgive you for all your lies about me. And I forgive you. Maraming salamat po.”

Insert Beauty Queen wave, Audience’s applause, Supporter’s cheer, and Judge’s standing ovation!

So, what else can I say? Nothing more! Let history judge her! I wrote her whole statement in Today’s Senate Hearing in verbatim so that I would have a record of her heart warming speech on the subject of Denial and Forgiveness! Those statement would obviously give Catriona Gray or Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach a run for their money! Very pageant like indeed! What can you say Jonas Gaffud?

No more Aling Leila De Lima comment for now.

Focusing now on the actual purpose of today’s proceedings, I don’t exactly know how many more Senate Hearings there would be on the topic of the Killing of Albuera Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa, and if Kerwin would still get invited in the Senate to testify, but I sure hope this ends up in an acceptable conclusion!

Okay, let me just remind myself that this hearing is not for Prosecution but in Aid of Legislation! Hhmm.

Anyway, as a Citizen, I really believe that there was indeed a Rub out! I could also say that the intention is to probably silence Mayor Espinosa so that he could no longer implicate other high ranking individuals! But as to who is behind the killing, that I wish they could find out. But, I am not very positive that they could pin down anyone! Well, not here in this country! Not now in this lifetime!

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